With age, the skin gradually loses its collagen (protein, strength and extracellular matrix structure), and as a result skin tends to have wrinkles. The team, led by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, developed locally applied polymer material which could include wrinkles and fumes in Nature Materials magazine, according to research earlier this week (May 9) published in Nature Materials. Properties. normal young skin, ”the authors wrote.

Alan In developing a second skin that is invisible, comfortable and effective for keeping in water and possibly keeping it in other materials, Robert Langer, a leading author of regenerating medicine and supplying medicines at MIT, said. Through BBC News). Good We are very pleased with the opportunities arising from this study and expect these materials to be further developed for the better treatment of patients suffering from various skin diseases, “he said.

The “second shell” of the researchers includes silicon and oxygen compounds, called siloxanes, to form polymers in a thin, skin-like layer that can be moved for at least 24 hours, although it can be removed. . The layer is formed by two consecutive creams: cream containing siloxane first; second, a cream containing a platinum catalyst that causes the polymer to cross-connect and therefore the material to harden.

Langer and his colleagues reported on testing material in a variety of experimental studies, including adults who took part in a second skin layer under their eyes. The team showed that the use of the material not only reduces the appearance of bags and wrinkles, but also caused the skin under the eyes to quickly return to normal after stretching or compressing.