Camellia trading has become industry leader for offering best and cost effective healthcare software solutions by automating needs of clinical, non clinical, administrative and financial areas in paperless environment. Our Competitive Edge

Our Competitive Edge

Unmatched Hospital Domain Knowledge & Workflows - With almost 24 years of experience in the industry, we have unmatched Hospital Information Systems domain expertise. We offer a range of products line customized to each hospital’s need. We possess the Hospital domain knowledge to create detailed work flow for every possible transaction in all departments. Quality is synonymous with our organization; therefore we have a credible stand in the industry.
A Complete Solution for Modern Hospitals -  Being pioneers in this industry, we understand the importance of providing a robust and complete solution to meet mission critical Healthcare IT systems which need to run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. By working closely with many corporate hospitals, Systems has developed a comprehensive HIS, truly capable of paperless Healthcare environment.

Milestones Achieved

Our Presence: 5 Countries, 20 States, & 42 Cities

200+ clients across India, 7 Countries

Software running 24x7 in Hospitals for 24 last years

Strong Market Presence -  With over 200+ installations in 7 countries ranging from 20 to 1800 bed Hospital, Our Systems has won the trust of healthcare providers globally. One of the best Healthcare IT products in the Systems lineup HIS. Our position in healthcare industry has rapidly grown due to a strong brand identity and exceptional customer bond.
High Industry Standards - Our systems conform to high and international standards including ISO, JCL, NABH, DICOM, HIPAA, HL7, CCHIT, and ICD-10 standards.
Ease of Use and Customization - The time and skill constraints of the typical hospital users are well known about systems. HMS has evolved into a very user-friendly system that does not require the users to be computer savvy. The graphical presentation of the software is highly easy to navigate. The main focus of our software is to save you time and make documentation an easy process.
Advanced Technology - Our system offers one of the most advanced software solution developed using breakthrough technologies. The availability of advanced technology not only ensures quality patient care, but it also provides up-to-date work environment where the level of care is consistently developing, maturing, and improving.
Proven Outcomes - Our system has resulted in improving the operational and financial efficiency of the hospitals which resulted in repeat orders. Faster response to customer queries and quick turnaround to customer problems has uniquely helped us retain and grow with the customers.

Comprehensive solutions for your Healthcare IT needs..

Miracle HMS - A comprehensive Hospital Management System with several integrated modules to make healthcare systems responsive, effective and as care-centered as possible. With most number of modules in the HMS, our system covers complete functionality of a hospital system including Front office, Clinical Management, Billing, Inventory Management, Pharmacy, Radiology, and more. As an area of medical information, the aim of our HMS is to achieve the best possible support of patient care and administration by electronic data processing.
Miracle EMR - Miracle EMR optimizes integration of the patient care record data collection. Users always remain at an advantage of collecting and disseminating critical patient information at any point of time. The EMR is built on International Standards such as HIPAA Guidelines and Certification Committee of Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT), making it very secured and robust system.
Laboratory Information System (LIS) -
LIS is a multi-site, multi-facility specimen tracking and lab support system. It provides accurate, up-to-date minute patient data and change information to the providers and automatically generates the collection lists, labels and worksheets. Our simplified process screens allow multiple functions to be accessed for multiple patients and specimens from one screen. The feature also includes uploading of Patient Reports on the web for online viewing and printing.
Pharmacy Information System (PIS) -
PIS is a stand-alone product will all features and functionality such as Sales, Procurement, and Inventory & Cashiering, etc. to meet the specific requirements of a Retail Pharmacy Store.
Radiology Information System (RIS) - RIS streamlines workflow in all the Imaging Departments (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, and more) and eliminates time-consuming paperwork. It facilitates accurate and up-to-date minute patient data and charge information.
Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS) -  
PACS enables images, such as x-rays and scans to be stored electronically and viewed on screens, creating a near filmless process and improved diagnosis methods. Doctors and other health professionals can access and compare images at the touch of a button.