Kitchen Paper Towels

Kitchen Tissue Paper Towels

  • kitchen tissue paper roll towels are made from soft , hygienic, highly absorbent tissue paper.
  • Premier Kitchen roll is much needed item in the kitchen by all homemakers.
  • You are cutting vegetables here, boiling curry there and on the other side something else is being marinated a work in the kitchen can get really hectic and chaotic!
  • Not to forget real messy. It is these messy times that call for kitchen rolls.

2 ply White Kitchen Paper Towel

  • Tissues made from 100% natural virgin paper
  • 2 ply tissues with 60 sheets per roll
  • Free from optical brightening agent (OBA)
  • Highly absorbent tissues that soak up spills quickly
  • Soft touch tissues which can be used as table napkins
  • Safe for contact with food

3 Ply Kitchen Paper Towel

  • 3PLY to make it stronger
  • More absorbent
  • Half cut sheets so you don't waste
  • Ideal to absorb oil/water

1 Ply Kitchen Paper Towel

  • Kitchen Paper Towels are designed for excellent single-use kitchen-purpose cleaning and drying
  • They’re absorbent and strong, but soft enough
  • Each is 1-ply sheet and is specially designed for durability, absorbency, and tear resistance
  • The cloth-like feel lets users know this is a Kitchen paper towel